dreamstime_xxl_31010035P.A.C.T. (The Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) was created by Stan Tatkin and developed out of research in the areas of neuroscience, attachment theory and the biology of human arousal. This therapy focuses on understanding how your partner’s brain works and how early experiences create a blueprint that informs the sense of safety or threat in couple interactions.

P.A.C.T therapy focuses on moment-to-moment shifts in face, body, and voice and teaches you to become an expert of your partner.  The therapist recognizes that you are one another’s “person” and continually calls you back into relation and observation of each other. P.A.C.T. often requires fewer sessions because it accelerates your level of awareness and respects your “couple bubble” as the most important thing in your lives.

For further understanding of P.A.C.T. yo can read Wired for Love but Stan Tatkin and/or watch the following video or any of Stan Tatkin’s videos on YouTube.

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